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Back pain relief

There are several reasons why you can have a back pain, but the most common are the next ones. Maybe you have stand in the cold for a long time, or you had to work with heavy weights? Yes, these are the most common causes of back pain: hypothermia and overwork. What else can cause discomfort? Stress, for example. Pain arises due to the increased tone of the muscles of the back and can progress if time does not relieve tension from them. Sometimes back pain is observed in women during the period of critical days, when not only the stomach hurts, but also the lower back ache. If you have pain in your back, do not despair, because you can help yourself on your own.

We give some effective tips.

1. Create an increased blood flow to the sore spot, which will increase nutrition and metabolism in the affected tissues and will relieve pain, swelling and inflammation:

  • - take a warm bath, adding coniferous extract or sea salt there. Are hot tubs good for you? Of course, but you have to remember that a warm bath is excluded if back pains occur during the menstrual period;
  • - use a warming compress. To do this, wet the woolen fabric with warm water, attach it to the sore spot;
  • - use warming ointments and balsam;
  • - make a massage, using massage oil or honey as a base. After completing the procedure, do not forget to cover well the sore spot to keep warm;
  • - vacuum massage perfectly helps to increase the blood flow to the sore spot. For vacuum massage, you can take special glass or plastic jars, these products are sold in pharmacies. Technique of massage, as a rule, is indicated on the package.

2. Mash your back. If sharp pains at movements are absent, but stiffness and stiffness are observed, then it is time to give your back the opportunity to work hard:

  • - roll the ball tight with your back, leaning against the wall or lying on the floor. In folk medicine, there is advice on rolling a wooden block with a diameter of 10-12 cm.
  • - lie down on a bag with spruce or pine cones.

If you are looking for a tub, you can check the designs of Peter Rossi that can be suitable for any house.

3. Practice acupressure

Ancient healers of the East knowingly promoted the effect on bioactive points, later modern scientists found confirmation of the effectiveness of acupressure. The points responsible for the condition of the back are located in the popliteal fossa, as well as on the lower back, at a distance of 2-4 fingers from the spinal column (at the waist level). There are also 2 symmetric points that are 1-2 cm outwards from the sacrum, above the buttocks.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromas affect can be healing in many diseases, they can also help with back pain. Essential oils can be added to baths, used during bath procedures, massage. In addition, the inhalation of volatile substances through inhalation or fumigation of the room with aroma lamps has a beneficial effect. For back pain, the following essential oils are effective: basil, clove, geranium. Grapefruit, ylang-ylang, coriander, peppermint, rosemary, clary sage, eucalyptus, juniper. However, applying essential oils, you should remember that they can cause an allergic reaction.

5. A visit to the bath and sauna

Bath is an ideal place to relieve tension and fatigue. Well helps for back pain "massage" with a birch broom. Contrast water procedures are only suitable for physically strong organisms, so it is better not to dive the hole without special training.

If you tried to help yourself, but the back pain has not subsided and has been tormenting for several days already? Well, you have to go to the doctor. He will schedule an examination and identify the cause of the ailments, and then he will cure you.

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