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Sports predictions and superstition

This article will address the topic of superstitions among gamblers and people who make bets on various sporting events. For someone, the topic of superstition looks like a joke, but for others this topic is very serious, requiring deep disclosure. Gamblers have come up with a huge amount of prejudice. They can easily be written in a large encyclopedia. It is impossible to describe in depth absolutely all superstitions in one article. Each gambler has a number of his own signs, which he adheres with special scrupulousness.

Often it is impossible to explain them, since they are created solely on the basis of a personal gambler worldview. If you enter the casino and take a closer look at the players, you will easily notice their superstitious behavior in different situations. Of course, this does not mean that everyone will do this, but a significant part of the audience adheres to this behavior. Craps followers demonstrate incredible virtuosity playing dice; lovers of card games must keep a glass in one hand when dealing cards. And this list is far from complete.

The inquisitive mind of players in the field of sports betting came up with a huge number of such original signs that the majority of people simply cannot believe in their existence. However, they exist and apply. It even happens when a rather serious person hardly tries to find the clothes he wore for a week before making a bet.

A younger representative of this type of earnings can wear a wonderful cap, equipped with an elegant propeller, which has become an indispensable attribute of the winner

The person is strictly convinced that this accessory brings him the necessary luck. Therefore, when he starts to work, the cap must necessarily adorn his head. Let these signs are considered extremes, but they demonstrate great adherence to tradition. There are more traditional signs, which are described below. Gambling online is possible on the website of Pin Up casino.

Game and TV

A large number of superstitions one way or another have a connection with television broadcasting. Many players are confident that their stakes will be profitable only if they watch the game using via TV. There is a circle of people with opposite convictions, they argue that if they switch the channel that the game is broadcasting for at least moments, their bet will be losing.

Curse the forums

If you want to receive in your address an endless stream of expletives, you can safely go to the sports betting form and write in the second part of the game competition that the team (no matter what) easily and naturally follows the victory. Soon you will receive accusations that you have jinxed this team and now it does not win!

Logically, it can be assumed that the bets on this sports team were made before the end of the sports battle, and you did incredible damage and jinxed the bet. Very soon the ardent representatives of the forums decided to win on this. They just leave similar messages on the forums of rivals. Similar messages can be observed even at the very beginning of the competition. If, for example, you notice a message during the Germany-Italy match on the forum that the Italians are great and will definitely win the tournament, then you can be completely sure: the message was left by German fans. Such people often listen to a huge amount of abuse.

Of course, very often such a post will cause a lot of laughter from the guests, but there is a circle of people who really believe that such a message will provoke the failure of the commanding staff. You can infinitely describe various signs, but when you make a bet, it is better to be guided by common sense and the latest statistics.

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