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Why bodybuilders use HGH?

Since its appearance in the bodybuilding world, growth hormone for muscles has always been surrounded by conflicting opinions, sometimes on the verge of mysticism, about its effectiveness and health hazards. In this article, we will discuss with you what growth hormone is in bodybuilding, why it is needed, make a brief excursion into the history of its penetration into professional bodybuilding, and also tell you about the danger of an overabundance and deficiency of growth hormone for health.

Since the 1970s, and especially the 1980s, many professional bodybuilders began to acquire more refined muscular relief, and, according to some of them, it was not due to more intense cardio loads and an increase in the amount of protein in the diet. With the growth of popularity all over the world, the critique of growth hormone was growing: many were absolutely convinced of its serious health risks, others said that there was nothing particularly in it. Those who used it, knew how effective it can be in building muscle mass. Today, growth hormone is one of the most actively used hormones in the bodybuilding world, both among professionals and amateurs. If you want to use it, you can find it here

What is growth hormone?

Human growth hormone, also known as gonadotropin, is an anabolic hormone, i.e. promote muscle growth. It is a natural substance that is produced inside the human body to stimulate physical growth. It is he who is responsible for the growth of children and adolescents. In our body, the level of growth hormone decreases with age: after 30 years it decreases by 25% every ten years, reaching 25% of the original by the age of 60. In some opinion, if it had not changed, then the average life expectancy was 140 years, the growth would be higher, the muscle mass would be greater.

What is bodybuilding growth hormone for?

The benefits of growth hormone are numerous. Despite the fact that it was opened in the 1920s, even today, research periodically appears that speak of new opportunities for its use. The most important functions:

  1. 1. Stimulation of muscle protein synthesis. HGH does play a very important role in building muscle mass: it counteracts the effects of insulin (which prevents fat burning) and promotes muscle anabolism and the acquisition of ?dry? muscle relief. He participates in the processes of recovery and repair of muscle tissue. This is how muscle mass grows.
  2. 2. Growth hormone stimulates the use of fat as energy. Recent studies on overweight people have unequivocally confirmed this fact. Also known facts of the use of growth hormone by people on a diet seeking to lose weight, when a decrease in the level of fat was accompanied by an increase in muscle mass (in the absence of physical activity!).
  3. 3. Growth hormone enhances fat burning, as well as carbohydrate and protein metabolism in a hungry and well-fed state. In a hungry state, the natural production of growth hormone for the oxidation of fats increases, to provide energy for protection against catabolism (the state of destruction of muscle cells, for use as an energy source).
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Raises energy tone
    • Improves sexual health (probably)
    • Strengthens bones and joints
    • Promotes heart and kidney health

It is worth noting that some athletes take growth hormone not only to improve athletic performance, but also to recover more quickly from injuries, for example, as well as to ensure a more intense workout.

Growth hormone in some aspects exceeds testosterone and its derivatives (steroids) in stimulating muscle growth, since its use is not accompanied by the manifestation of male signs (androgenic effect), odors and does not have serious side effects if used in limited doses.

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