Сlinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist – Private, Semi-Private and 3 Person Group sessions (Megan Jenkinson, Jennifer Frey, Leah Milne)

Pilates with a Pilates Instructor – Privates, Duets and Groups up to 6 (Shalene MacKinnon, Kathleen Keller)

Pre-Natal Yoga: 2 day workshops (Sappho Balfour)

We also offer a unique variety of GROUP classes

  • Pre and Postnatal Pilates
  • Hypopressives™ – Low Pressure Fitness
  • Stretch Flow
  • Spinal Stability Pilates
  • Yoga

How to keep fit

Physically active people who constantly keep their muscles in good shape manage to organically weave training into their lives. Fitness club activities give them pleasure and joy, help them cope with pressing problems, serve as a source of strength necessary for their main activities.

For beginners, it is easier to adapt after receiving some theoretical training. It has been established that for the correct selection of the diet, the system of physical activity and the time for its implementation, one should take into account the physique, the features of which are inherent in the genotype. Bodybuilders prefer Sheldon’s classification, dividing people according to morphological characteristics into three categories:

  • Endomorphs are people with a slow metabolism, tend to be overweight and lose weight with great difficulty.
  • Mesomorphs are proportional, looking, if desired, like real athletes. Looking ahead, we can say that their activity is almost equally effective at any time of the day.
  • Ectomorphs – they are characterized by thin, long arms and legs, thinness, sinewy, muscles that are hard to develop.

More information about body types can be found here

However, in reality, all these signs are found in every person.

The choice of time for training largely depends on the chronotype and type of higher nervous activity.

Few of the working people can afford group fitness workouts in the morning or in the evening in accordance with theoretical calculations, and there is no one hundred percent connection between the time of training and their results. Regularity, perseverance, desire, mood for success are important. The body itself will tell you what it needs, and then you will not have to torture it – the results will not be long in coming.

Whatever type of physical activity a person is fond of, the main goal should be to improve well-being, strengthen health, and improve the quality of life. In addition to the correct selection of exercises, a balanced diet, sound sleep, and proper rest will help to achieve this.