Pelvic Health is a focused area of physiotherapy practice.  We are proud to provide this much needed service at Lakeview Physiotherapy since we opened our doors in 2006.  From our patient and physician referrals, we have grown into the respected pelvic health program it is today – employing the greatest number of pelvic health physiotherapists in Calgary.

Why are we successful at what we do?  It comes down to caring about our patients and carefully listening to their stories.  (And of course, years of experience and taking countless advanced courses helps too.)  Our job is to be a detective and find the missing clues that helps our patients feel like themselves once again.

What Does Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Treat?

  • Urinary problems such as incontinence (leaking), frequent peeing, urgency
  • Bowel problems such as incontinence (leaking) and constipation
  • Pelvic pain – inside and outside the pelvis
  • Painful or difficult intercourse
  • Prenatal and Postpartum
  • Before and after pelvic surgery


Yes, that is correct. Pelvic health physiotherapy is unique in that we are trained to check your pelvis from in the inside out. That means a vaginal and/or rectal examination. The internal or “pelvic” exam is the gold standard to fully understand the function of the muscles, nerves, and organs that are causing problems.

Of course, the choice is always the patient’s to make. There are many aspects of pelvic health that can be looked at and treated from the outside – and we do that too – however, knowing exactly what is happening inside the pelvic cavity takes away the guess work. This skill brings you the most success.

How We Address Pelvic Health

There are a myriad of other physiotherapy skills we use for our pelvic health treatments. Remember, we are licensed, regulated physiotherapists too! Once completing the biomechanical exam – on the “outside” of the body – and internal pelvic exam – on the “inside” of the body – we will often use a variety of other skills for treatment such as:

  • Hands on treatment of particular joints, muscles, and tissues; this is not just limited to the pelvis.  Often, we are working on other areas of the body that impacts the pelvic floor and its contents.

Whether you are pregnant with pelvic pain, a runner who leaks, a male who has had prostate surgery, or have a child with constipation issues – pelvic health physiotherapists can help.