What time to choose for training?

To look fit, have a beautiful figure and be healthy is the dream of almost any person. To do this, he goes to the gym, pool or works out at home.
It is quite logical that everyone has a question – what time is it better to train?

First, let’s find out what types of training are

  • Cardio workouts. They serve to strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase endurance. These include running, cycling, swimming, skiing, etc.
  • Strength training. Such training is aimed at developing a certain muscle group.
  • Yoga.

Cardio training, what time is it better to train

Morning is a great time for such a workout. During the night, the body spends a huge amount of energy, and in the morning it feels its deficit. Thanks to this, cardio exercises in the morning helps to lose weight, since the body does not yet have free carbohydrates for burning, and it begins to burn fat. However, it is recommended to take a portion of fast protein before training, as in the absence of any energy substance, muscles can begin to break down.

Day is the time to train to strengthen the heart muscle. It should be remembered that this kind of workout is not at all suitable for burning fat, since the body will first spend the energy that it received during the day. Therefore, the effect of a day’s cardio workout comes only after 30-40 minutes.

Evening is time for weight loss again. One would expect that the effect of evening workouts will be the same as during the day, but the body by the evening, as a rule, already depletes its energy reserves. Therefore, such a workout will also be useful for losing weight.

Strength training, what time is it better to do

Strength training is best done in the evening after 4 pm, since at this time a person has the highest body temperature, so training at this time is effective in increasing testosterone and lowering cortisol. In addition, in the evening, the body’s lung performance increases, which is why it increases its flexibility indicators.
Pilates is best done in the morning, as it invigorates and sets a certain rhythm for the body. However, in the evening, classes are not contraindicated, on the contrary, they help to calm down, get rid of stress and tune in to the right mood. It is important to remember one rule – in no case do Pilates immediately after eating, you must wait at least two hours.

Yoga, what is the best time to train

And finally, yoga. It is important to consider how long you have been doing yoga in general. If you are a beginner, it is best to practice asanas in the evening, as the body becomes more pliable and flexible during the day. If you have been doing yoga for quite some time, then morning is the best time, since it is not difficult for you to overcome one of the main obstacles – laziness. In addition, doing yoga in the morning gives a boost of vivacity and a positive attitude.
And yes, it is important to remember that you need to do sports first of all when a person needs it, when he has the strength and the desire to overcome laziness.