How to puncture steroids properly

Today almost every experienced bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter has resorted to using anabolics at least once for his sports activities. This is not surprising, because such drugs help to quickly achieve their goals: to gain muscle mass and improve strength characteristics. Beginners also use doping, but they usually choose oral medications in the Farma store. However, it cannot be denied that injecting steroids begin to work much faster and have less toxic effects on the liver. Therefore, over time, every bodybuilder switches to this type of medication. But to avoid being overshadowed by pain, you need to know how to inject steroids correctly.

Where do you puncture steroids?

There’s a disagreement about how much better to administer anabolic. However, most bodybuilders agree that the safest place to put anabolic is the buttock muscle. But even here, there is a risk of getting on the nerve, leading to a painful sensation and possibly temporary immobilization of the limb. So you need to visually divide the buttock into 4 squares. Stabbing is necessary in the upper inner square.

Of course, the injection can be placed in the shoulder, triceps or hip, but in practice it is much harder to get into muscle here than on the buttock. If you are a beginner, it is better not to try your luck and give an injection to the buttock muscle. If you inject another person, the process will be less painful as you can relax. Remember that steroids can only be injected intramuscularly. These drugs should never be injected intravenously as they can have serious consequences.

Choosing a syringe to administer steroids

Everyone knows that intramuscular syringes should be selected based on the volume of the injected substance when injecting drugs. In bodybuilding, the principle is almost the same. The optimal syringe volume for anabolics is 5 cc. This volume is enough for beginners and more experienced bodybuilders. A needle in such a syringe is not too thick and easily penetrates the body. At the same time, its diameter is quite enough to easily fill the syringe with oily steroid. The needle has to be injected two-thirds. 2-cube syringes can also be used to inject AAS. The needles are thinner, which makes the needle less perceptible, but it can be difficult to recruit oily steroid. This needle is injected into the muscle for almost the entire length.

Preparing to administer the drug

There are a few tips on how to inject steroids correctly. They will make the shot less painful:

  • you need to let the air out of the syringe after you put the drug in;
  • oily steroids should be heated to 37 degrees (approximate human temperature);
  • inject in the upper inner square of the buttock;
  • before injecting the needle, wipe the injection area with alcohol or alcoholic wipes;
  • inject the needle with a slight acceleration;
  • inject the drug gently;
  • if you give the needle to the buttock muscle, alternate the buttocks.

If you choose a quality drug and administer it correctly, you can achieve the expected result. But remember, if there are lumps at the injection site should stop taking the drug. You can buy quality steroids here.

Steroid intake is a pre-course check-up

When athletes begin to think about taking steroids, they often forget that they are hormonal drugs that not everyone can take without prescription. An additional dose of hormones from the outside can disrupt their secretion in the body, as well as negatively affecting the functioning of all systems. It is therefore essential to take tests before starting a steroid course to determine exactly whether you can take certain drugs.