How to do PCT correctly

First, you need to decide what is called post-cycle therapy or PCT in sports. To put it as simply as possible, this is a series of measures to speed up the recovery processes of the body. At the same time, it is extremely important to think about conducting PCT even before the start of the AAS course itself.

How does PCT work and what tasks does it solve?

It’s no secret that steroids have a number of negative effects. If the athlete does not take appropriate measures to eliminate them, then serious health problems are possible. Some novice bodybuilders do not understand this or do not want to do it. Not only do they use anabolic steroids illiterate, they also completely ignore restorative therapy.

This situation is largely due to the lack of reliable information on steroids. It has now become fashionable to criticize these drugs. However, remedies to improve athletic performance will always be used. Many sports medicine professionals believe it is best to provide athletes with all the information they need, rather than keep it quiet.

One of the most serious disadvantages of AAS ( is the disruption of the pituitary axis. Recall that it includes the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and testicles (testes). The main task of the HH arc is to regulate the production of the male hormone. When using anabolic steroids, the activity of this chain is disrupted.

As a result, the male hormone is produced at a low rate or it does not happen at all. Testosterone synthesis is controlled by a special substance – gonadotropic hormone. In addition, it also affects the secretion of semen. On anabolic courses, the concentration of the male hormone reaches its limit values ​​and the body believes that it is no longer necessary to synthesize the endogenous hormone.

If the athlete has planned a long course, the duration of which exceeds 8 weeks, then in the second month it is worth starting to use Gonadotropin. This drug stimulates the HPA axis. Gonad is used in cycles of three weeks. In this case, the drug must be put in three times within 10 days, and the lump-sum dose is 1500 – 1700 units.

Since the body is not able to quickly change the mode of operation, the absence of PCT after courses can lead to infertility. Most amateur athletes believe that the high concentration of the male hormone in the body is a boon. On the one hand, this is true, but not always. The body always strives for balance.

If there is a high content of testosterone in the blood, then the process of converting this hormone into women is accelerated . As a result, without taking appropriate measures, gynecomastia may develop. Note that this ailment is irreversible and tends to accumulate. In principle, this disease does not cause serious harm to the body. However, no man will like it when his breasts begin to enlarge in a female pattern.

The last point to remember is related to the liver. It is generally accepted that shot steroids are safer than pills. In part, one can agree with this. However, the liver filters all blood, and it is not of fundamental importance how AAS was taken. This organ is able to easily cope with natural toxins, but it can give way to chemical ones.

Thus, thanks to PCT, athletes solve several problems at once:

  • The natural hormonal background is restored, which is unique for each person.
  • The rollback effect is reduced.
  • The risks of developing gynecomastia are eliminated.
  • The process of testicular atrophy stops .
  • Other negative effects are eliminated.

It is extremely important to take tests when using anabolic steroids. Do this at least twice a month. Many beginners follow the example of professional athletes and even use their courses. However, they forget that they have a sports medicine specialist who is well versed in the work of the endocrine system. What percentage of bodybuilding enthusiasts have such a person?

Classical rehabilitation therapy

It should be said right away that PCT can also be carried out in accordance with the “bridge” scheme. We will also talk about this, but a little later. Classical restorative therapy is carried out if a new course is not planned within the next months. For this, the following drugs should be used:

  • Hepatoprotectors .
  • Testosterone boosters.
  • Antiestrogens .

It should be noted right away that these are only the main drugs that any athlete cannot do without. Often, peptides are added to them, which can accelerate the synthesis of basic hormones, as well as cortisol blockers to preserve the results obtained. Some athletes use SARMs during PCT ( This is a rather controversial decision. Although manufacturers and assure. That drugs of this group do not affect the work of the HH axis, in practice this is not entirely true.

Training program during the PCT period

A few words should be said about the organization of the training process after the abolition of the AAS. If you do not make changes to this process, then the effect of the rollback will be strong. Some athletes believe that after the abolition of the AAS, it is not at all worth visiting the gym for a couple of weeks. This is a completely wrong assumption, since without physical exertion, the body will begin to actively destroy muscle tissue.

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the training time to half an hour. You should visit the hall for 7 days 2-3 times and not more often. Only basic movements should remain in the training program. For example, on Monday you work out your legs, and on Wednesday you work on your back muscles and delts. On the last training day (Friday), it remains to deal with the arms and chest.