What is golf?

Golf is an ancient game in which the ball, driven by a wooden club or stick into the hole. In the prototype of golf was played probably in all countries where there was something resembling a lawn (shepherds in the pastures), and therefore many countries attribute themselves to the birth of golf. The first written mention of golf, which is considered the beginning of the official history of the game dates back to 1457. That’s when King James forbade the game of golf, because for the sake of his soldiers neglected their main duty – training in archery. The ban was expressed in a decree of the Scottish Parliament. You can access news on golf on specialized websites. This will help you keep up to date with current events.

How to play golf?

The essence of the game is as follows. Using a variety of clubs, no fewer than two and no more than 14 must drive the ball into 18 holes. Hole called as the hole in the ground where the ball is rolled, and specially prepared area of a few hundred meters, and consists of the starting area, the main area and a special platform, where the hole is carved. All of these zones differ in the height of the grass and the presence of obstacles. Obstacles may include bunkers, water obstacles, bushes, flowers, tall grass, etc. If a golfer hits the ball correctly and accurately, he/she will hit the ball from the tee off to the tee and then, depending on his/her level of play, take it to the tee in the tee off area. 

An important component of the game of golf is golf etiquette. Golf is the game of true gentlemen, and its etiquette is a carefully guarded tradition that has undergone almost no change in the history of the game. First of all it is good manners, respectful attitude towards partners and opponents, keeping order on the fields. There are three basic principles to remember when playing golf:

  • Play the course as it is; 
  • Play the ball the way it is; 
  • And if neither is possible, do it justice.

If you are interested in the latest sports news, you should first look for a reliable site. There are specialized resources on the web, which will be the most convenient in this situation. You will be able to choose and start using those sites, which will be the most convenient solution. If you do everything correctly and start following the news, you will definitely not miss anything. Golf is an unusual sport. It does not gather millions of enthusiastic fans at the TV screens and does not cause traffic jams in the city. Nevertheless, it is a dish for real gourmets. If you understand the sport, you will be interested in watching the professional players and the latest developments. 

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